Intelligence Support

intelligence support

Intelligence Support

Intelligence builds resource and knowledge resilience.

Our intelligence section has worked closely with Company O within the finance sector to enhance their anti-fraud capabilities from the perspective of their intelligence resources and outputs. The organisation recognised weaknesses within the analysis being completed, hence the knowledge product outputs were not aiding tactical and strategic decision making.

We engaged directly with the client to complete an assessment of their aims and current capabilities. This took the form of discussions with decision makers and focus group meetings with the supporting resources, allowing for free and honest engagement regarding the intricacies of their work. Together, we identified a baseline training requirement for the intelligence analysts, investigators and researchers. We developed a programme which operated over a number of years targeting their knowledge, source, system and people assets within intelligence.

The programme included intelligence analysis courses, investigation training and team building opportunities. Key elements within the programme was the specificity of content to the clients needs, incorporating their operational aims, organisational culture and relevant simulations of their work. The programme was measured against the identified Zero Level Requirements through regular quality assurance, mentoring of the attendees, and monitoring of the subsequent outputs.

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Due to our assessments we were able to forward plan and examine our deliverables, making alterations when required and refocusing the sessions so that the client’s, and importantly, the delegates requirements were met.

Core deliverables included Intelligence Analysis Courses [over three stages within a year], Investigation courses [over two stages within a year] and multiple development days. The development days were used to ensure learning was applied across the team, which had resulted in improvements and that innovations were identified for the client. The innovations included the development of a confidential intelligence submission system, a substantial collection plan system integrated into existing systems and the dissemination of Intelligence Products to partners in redacted form.

Critical success factors included:

  • The development of a new intelligence model framework specific to their work - ‘This was a critical project requirement which realigned resources to their roles and provided a clear operating model for all levels within the organisation’
  • Resource resilience in the form of knowledge and continuous employment - ‘The training showed a commitment from the client to its resources and resulted in longer continuous employment from resources, which in turn improved knowledge within the organisation’
  • The increased output of intelligence products to aid and inform decision making - ‘This was a key requirement which through the other critical success factors was evidenced by the improvement in analytical output, enhanced intelligence products and much clearer tasking and outputs‘

Our vast experience within intelligence and training expertise was of great assistance. The Hexegic engagement and partnering approach, together with our professionalism was key in the achievements, from our perspective and for the requirements for the client. We built a partnership and committed to enhancing many areas of their business over a period of time which allowed for a considered and practical approach.