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Charity Sector Risk Assessment

A large UK charity was interested in verifying the robustness of its cyber security posture and as such hexegic® offered to conduct a free Cyber Security Risk Assessment as part of our social responsibility programme. We believe strongly in contributing to a strong society and as such like to offer our services for free to organisations in the third sector wherever possible. These organisations often struggle to get the security expertise required to protect their clients and staff, despite dealing with sensitive data often concerning society’s most vulnerable.

hexegic® started with a scoping session to define the critical information assets and systems which the charity most cared about and set about understanding their current risk management priorities. This is always the first part of any risk consultation and allows us to focus assessment on what matters most to the customer, as well as allowing the creation of prioritised and actionable remediation plans.

We conducted an assessment of the charity using our VueRisk tool, which in just over 4 hours reflected results which a large consultancy had spent days creating a report on. The visual aspect of our tool turned out to be a significant benefit for the charity as it facilitated easy communication of the pre- and post-remediation picture to the charity board in two slides. Moreover, our prioritised treatment plan was condensed to two sides of A4 which was a significant improvement on the 40 pages the larger consultancy had produced.

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