We provide a complete suite of services in the Cyber domain from risk assessment to incident response and even managed services. We practice what we preach and we provide an impressive breadth and depth of capability based upon our teams extensive experience in the industry and we augment that further with our other teams insights to provide tailored Cyber services others would struggle to match.

Risk Assessment

Cyber security is no longer about buying products, the threats are already past those, it is about understanding the risks poised to an organisation by the Cyber landscape and then working on proportional responses, it's about having plans and engendering an information security culture within your business.

"Rather than obsessing about buying the right security products, organisations should instead focus on managing risk" - Dr Ian Levy NCSC

Although we work closely with penetration testers a Cyber Risk Assessment is not a penetration test, it is more holistic and wide ranging encompassing your posture to defend and respond across 4 main areas of risk; Cyber, Personnel, Assets and Governance.


Our Cyber Risk Assessments use our unique platform, created by our Risk experts, to assess your organisation against industry standard benchmarks such as the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) Top 10 Steps to Cyber Security or ISO27002. During the Assessment phase we ask a series of questions on various topics which allows us to capture and process your Cyber security posture.


We use a barrier risk model to visualise the results of your assessment. Although we also produce a report the visualisation gives you a very easy to digest picture of your risk holding across all the assessed areas. We can also use this visualisation to do "before" and "after" modelling to show you the impact of mitigations on your resilience.


Along with our visual model we produce a report which gives you a prioritised list of activities to undertake to improve your Cyber security posture. We help you understand this report and give you the insight you need to translate that into organisational change.


Our team can help you step change your Cyber security posture, working with you to deliver against your enhanced understanding through both technical and non-technical interventions. We don't just leave you after the assessment we work with you to evolve your organisation using it!

Incident Response

Your approach to responding to incidents can dramatically effect the risk posed by the attack and the subsequent cost and exposure of it to your business.

The EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the UK's Network and Information Systems Regulations (NIS) introduce punitive charges for Cyber breaches which can only be mitigated if your organisation is shown to be properly managing Cyber Risk and Incident Response.

We offer Cyber Incident Response on a 12 month retainer basis with proactive engagement to help you plan and exercise your responses in advance of incidents and then guaranteed onsite assistance if an incident breaches a predefined threshold.

We use a lifecycle based upon the CREST and ISO 27035 best practice.


Our prepare phase actually starts with a Cyber Risk Assessment as outlined above to understand your organisations crticial assets and your existing protections around them. We can then help you evolve your defences but also create the Cyber Incident Response plans that will help you in the inevitable event of an incident. We will also work with you to exercise those plans on a regular basis to ensure their validity in a constantly changing environment.

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Our multidisciplinary team is able to help you respond to incidents from both a technical and non-technical perspective against your incident response plans. We will help you engage with Public Relations teams and the relevant Authorities and will help isolate systems if there is need for digital forensics in the case of criminal investigations. Keeping your business running throughout this complex process need not be difficult with the properly aligned Business Continuity and Incident Response plans and we can help make sure those are in place before the even even occurs.

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Learning from the incident is as important as responding to it and as such the follow-up services after a response are a critical component of CIR, we help you evolve from these events which can turn something quite negative ultimately into something positive.

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Managed Service

We don't put your business in the same box as others! We take on as much or as little of your Cyber burden as you want supporting you and allowing you to focus on your business.

Our managed services address key concerns with public services;

Performance - Edge to edge our services are only for your business so are not subject to latency and performance issues associated with shared Cloud services

Security - Government grade defence in depth designed to address your business’s cyber risks from the outset with next generation capabilities and ongoing assesments

Regulatory - Our Clouds are accredited, housed in Tier 4 data centers for resilience and can be visited and audited by you down to the individual disk, server and network cable

Support - The people supporting your service are the people who built your service meaning you have immediate access to the right expert at the right time.

We provide a single fixed OPEX cost allowing you to plan and be more profitable without the surprises of variable billing plans.


Our services are designed for high availability and our backup services are granular helping you with your business continuity.


Fully managed or co-managed services designed to extend the capabilities of your existing team. Designed and architected with you, vendor agnostic solutions suit you and your team’s preferences and skills. Even with a fully managed service you maintain administrative rights to your service; you are in complete control, at all times.


All staff undergo extensive regular background checks so you can be assured of highest integrity at all times.


Our infrastructures scale with your business; network, compute and storage are independent so you only change what you need to.


We proactively monitor your solution 24/7 and create Service Levels that suit you and your budget and your service is covered by our ISO27001 Information Security Management System and we can offer Governance as a Service solutions to help you be compliant from the outset.


The strength of your existing IT team backed by our team of highly qualified industry experts across networks, compute, storage and applications.