Our Intelligence team is a thought leader in intelligence analysis, training and consultancy with experience of writing policy and doctrine at the highest levels of Government and NGOs. We have experience of working within complex cases and projects such as major incidents, terrorism cases and against organised crime at a national and international level and we are thus highly qualified to deliver models and training products which are bespoke, challenging and dynamic.

We are founding members of the Intelligence Analysis Professionals group and regularly conduct thought leadership events to further the profession.

Our Courses

  • Are suitable for new or experience analytical professionals
  • Incorporate key contemporary intelligence-based learning outcomes
  • Work to the intelligence cycle, inference development and intelligence models
  • Examine both hard and soft skills required for enabling effective analysis
  • Detail lateral thinking and evaluation skills when applying intelligence analysis
  • Provide key standardised analytical tools for the analysis of complex problems
  • Use specific and realistic scenarios tailored against your mission

Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is a key area for us and our customers and underpins almost all of our services in one form or another. There is nothing new about OSINT, it has been around for hundreds of years through the use of physical media but what is new is with the increasing use of the internet, there is new opportunity for rapid information sharing of both tactical and emerging situations and also strategic insights through data trends which have previously been laborious to find.


Put simply, Open Source Intelligence is Advantage.

We have seen a real growth of OSINT uptake over the last few years as more and more organisations look to realise its potential for advantage.

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World Class

Our industry experts have advised on OSINT policy at the highest levels of Government and to boards of FTSE 100 companies. What makes our approaches different is that they are underpinned by our Cyber and Risk experts so we can truly appreciate the risks and technical threats involved in online OSINT activity and make sure your organisation gets the most from it.

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We conduct OSINT training but we do not believe in static course content nor anyone who follows it. OSINT is a constantly evolving environment and every course should be tailored for the organisation and mission at hand taking into account all internal and external factors to ensure competence and compliance.

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Intelligence Model Development

We are true believers in intelligence models and their use to formalise and develop teams of intelligence analysis professionals. Our team has worked at all levels of the National Intelligence Model from Stakeholders to Analysts and thus we are uniquely positioned to help advise you on how to get the most out of developing and using a target operating model for intelligence.

The National Intelligence Model and others are built around international standards for business process management and apply as much to the commercial intelligence arena as to the government arena, they key focus is always on;

  • Business Planning Business Planning
  • Product Input Product Input
  • Tasking and Coordination Tasking and Coordination
  • Outcomes Outcomes

Our industry experts are able to review your mission and organisational operating environment and then tailor the models directly to you so that all stakeholders realise the maximum benefit of the intelligence cycle, reducing wasted effort and therefore cost and enhancing the product delivered to your customers.