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Managed Services

Let us manage your complex infrastructure and security so you can manage your business

Our services are designed to give you more time ...

Built for speed

Our managed services platforms are not shared with other customers and as such you don't get the latency or throughput issues associated with public cloud

Flexible and multipurpose

We are agile operators and our services are tailored bespoke to your business, allowing you to scale and adapt them as your business changes with minimal impact on your team

Downloadable compliance reports

We can tailor our reports to your specific compliance requirements, enabling you to use them straight out of the box to satisfy your reviews and audits.

Managed infrastructure service

As a team at hexegic® we have been designing and delivering critical operational infrastructure to governments and high-performing businesses for over 10 years, with many years’ previous experience between us.

As a non-affiliated organisation we are able to independently advise your business on the infrastructure architecture best suited to your requirements, whether onsite, offsite, cloud or hybrid. We can tailor systems to fit the specific preferences and skills of your technical teams - if you already have a preferred vendor or technology we’re happy to go with that.

We’re not fans of unpleasant surprises, so we work hard to weigh up your competing demands of cost, performance and security to propose solutions that reflect the reality of your day-to-day business, and use a fixed operating expenditure model to keep things clear.

Our infrastructures run independent network, compute and storage zones so that changes can be achieved with minimal cost and disruption and can scale with your operational requirements.

Democratising Enterprise IT

Typically, the best technology comes with the heaviest price, and a perceived complexity requiring experts to handle it. We don't believe that enterprise technology should be reserved for specialists. Our managed services allow small, medium and large businesses to benefit from cutting-edge technology safe in the knowledge that our certified specialists are managing it for you.

Although we partner with some vendors to enable us to provide the most comprehensive services, we are entirely ‘vendor agnostic’ and will often pick technology best suited to your team’s experience, rather than our own.

Managed security service

Need to protect your systems and assets but already have enough on your plate? We offer a range of managed services to implement cyber security on your behalf. From Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), ideal for start-ups and small businesses looking to make first steps into securing their systems, to Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS) where we take on the role of virtual Chief Information Security Officer and run everything from Risk Assessment and Management tasks through to Cyber Incident Response events.

Managing security provision in this way, we have helped businesses achieve Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus qualifications, and developed Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) helping companies to achieve ISO27001 compliance.

More than just consultants, our in-house developed infrastructures and own accreditations mean that we are practitioners too. So, you can rest assured that our advice is entirely practical and based on up-to-date real-world experience.

We are accredited by the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) for Risk Assessment and Management which also assures you the guidance we provide is approved by government and tailored to be suitable for everyone from small business to critical national infrastructure.

Managed security : what's included?

Risk Assessment and Management

A dedicated virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) will assess and handle any cyber risk to your business.

Security Awareness Training

The virtual CISO will curate and deliver a Cyber Security Awareness Training programme to all your staff.

Supply Chain Management

Your virtual CISO will help manage your IT supply chain.

Product and Service Evaluation

The virtual CISO will lead cyber security product and service evaluation.

Policy and Process Development

Your virtual CISO will help develop robust policy and processes getting buy-in from across your organisation.

Strategic Planning

The virtual CISO will help you and your management with strategic cyber security planning

Board Level Representation

If required, the virtual CISO can provide confident cyber security advice and expertise to your board.

Our accreditations