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Data Science

Extract knowledge and actionable insights from the noise

What is data science?

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data.It combines statistics, mathematics, computer science and domain expertise to analyse and interpret complex data and the good news is we have the experts to do it for you!
Data science is used in many areas such as healthcare, logistics, fraud detection, intelligence and more. We have helped significant customers such as NHS Trusts process their existing data in ways to enable them to derive immediate actionable insights which in the NHS has lead to shorter waiting lists and reduced costs! That is the power of data science!

Our Data Science Toolkit

As a team at hexegic® we have over 15 years experience applying data science techniques to some of the countries largest organisations.

One thing our time in this space has taught us is that there is no one toolset to rule them all. That's why we are truly tool agnostic and we only select the right tool for the right part of the job, whether it is supported by the Open Source community or whether we need to purchase from a vendor.

What that means is you can be confident that your delivery is  completed using the best in breed of technology specifically tailored to your use case or project. It also means in circumstances where budget or underlying infrastructure wont support our preferred toolset we are able to conduct technology trade offs in order to make a custom approach.

We are also equally happy to work with your existing tools should your teams already have inhouse experience, data science should be about getting the best from your data but the method used to do that should not be specific. 

Data Science Stats


Average increase in team efficiency using Data


Average ROI for Data Led Projects


Average data projects that are extended due to success

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