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Trust Us

Established accredited partner to Government and Businesses

Why you can trust us

We are highly qualified experts, with many years’ experience in government, defence and commercial cyber security. The UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has certified hexegic®’s consultancy services in Risk Assessment and Risk Management, authorising us to provide assured services to the highest levels of central government, critical national infrastructure and enterprise businesses.

Trusted By

We live by our advice

Unlike many cyber security consultancies, we don’t just dispense advice but we live by it. We know what we’re doing technically: we use our own software developed in house, and we provide complex managed infrastructure and security services to multi-million-pound global organisations and government technical users.

This means we are practitioners, not just preachers. Unfortunately we are few and far between – don’t get caught out by the bad apples, make sure you check the practical expertise of anyone you consult for Cyber Security advice.

Tested in battle

We’ve built up years of expertise supporting the UK Ministry of Defence and UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office at the highest levels of data classification. This has given us a deep understanding of cyber security at its most critical, and allows us to bring well-proven, risk-based methodologies to our clients.

hexegic® staff hold security clearances and work across the domains of cyber security, risk, secure software development, security, networking and infrastructure. We are vendor agnostic, meaning that we aren’t trying to peddle a specific brand but can provide the products and services best-suited to you.

Our Philosophy

At hexegic® we go further, always, to exceed your expectations, delivering end-to-end cyber security solutions which give you complete confidence, are adaptable into the future and provide real business value.


The diligence we apply to working at the highest levels of government classification is the same we apply to even the briefest engagement with a small business.


We believe no one size fits all: we never treat two clients the same and we always recognise our own strengths and weaknesses. We’re sensitive to everyone’s different business needs and work hard to understand your optimum balance between performance, security and price.


We also believe people are key: working to the cyber security ‘pillars’ of People, Process and Technology, we help you secure your technology and processes, but we focus on practical training to enhance the cyber security awareness of your staff and build a truly security-conscious culture.

British grounding…

Hexegic is a UK-based company; we source all our technology and services from British partners unless specifically stated

...Europe Reach

However, we also operate a valuable Dutch subsidiary to expand our relationships into Europe, assisting those customers with an EMEA base.


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